I’ve been fortunate to be a patient at Mountain Park Chiropractic for over a decade! I was first diagnosed in 2000 with disc and other spinal problems especially in the low back area. Dr. Picarello and his staff were instrumental in getting me out of pain and back on my feet at that time, and also helped me work through a flare-up about six years ago. On both of those occasions, Dr. Picarello coordinated his treatment with other specialists, kept the situation from becoming more serious and helped me to avoid surgery. Ever since, with monthly maintenance visits, I am virtually pain-free, have a very active lifestyle and almost never need medication of any kind! I’m also happy to say that the care I’ve received has prevented my spinal issues from spreading beyond my low back. I will always be grateful to Dr. Picarello, Kathy, Shannon and everyone at Mountain Park Chiropractic for all they do for my health and well-being. And they’re all warm and friendly people, too!

Warm and Friendly Care

Paul B