Neck Pain or Headaches Preventing You From Enjoying the Things You Love?

tech neck

Neck Pain or Headaches Preventing You From Enjoying the Things You Love?

If that is the case, it is quite possible that you may be suffering from Tech Neck. We are living in a time when technology is engrained into everyday life. Whether we are at work, school or home, we are constantly checking some sort of device.

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Eye Opening Facts About Technology Use

  • 58% of American adults own smartphones.
  • The average American adult spends 11 hours per day with electronic media! This includes cell phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, television and more.
  • 67% of cell owners check their phone for messages, alerts, or calls — even when their phone doesn’t alert them with a notification. I know we’re guilty of this one!

With these staggering numbers, it might make you wonder if our addiction to technology has an effect on our health.

Believe it or not, spending so much time on technology causes many problems including neck pains and headaches – a condition now being called “Tech Neck.”

What is Tech Neck?

Originally called “Text Next”, “Tech Neck” is caused by slouching over, tilting your head to the side or looking down for a long period of time at ALL devices causing tension, neck pain and headaches as a result.

Repeatedly putting stress on your head and neck by leaning forward could trigger pain down the road. Even before you are experiencing symptoms, it is important to get evaluated and correct the issue before it worsens.

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