How Can Chiropractic Help me?

Our diversified chiropractic techniques address the biomechanical failures in each section of the spine. Techniques involve low force adjustments to the spinal column to increase mobility and decrease pain. These treatment methods are beneficial for individuals suffering from headaches, neck or back paincar accident injuries, whiplash trauma, and work or sports injuries.

Additional chiropractic techniques include cox flexion-distraction to treat disc injuries causing back and leg pain, activator treatment and Thompson Drop adjustments.

Cox Flexion-Distraction

This technique treats disc injuries involving back and leg pain. A specialized table is used to gently stretch the spine to promote traction and alleviate disc pressure.


The Activator treatment method utilizes a small handheld instrument with a soft rubber tip to deliver a light force adjustment to the spinal segment in need of treatment.

Thompson Drop Table

The Thompson Drop Table Technique analyzes leg length to make determinations as to which joints are effected and need to be adjusted. The adjustive procedure involves the elevation of a cushioned segment of the table that is under the joint to be adjusted. The elevated segment is tension controlled so the appropriate force can be applied through the joint as the table drops with the pressure. This helps facilitate the proper motion and physiological function of the joint while decreasing pain and inflammation, and promoting proper nerve function.