Are you experiencing headaches?

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Most people have experienced a headache at some point in their lives. Some may come and go quickly, others may last longer and be more debilitating, preventing you from going about your daily activities. Chiropractic care can help many patients suffering from headaches recover and find relief. The most common types of headaches treated at Mountain Park Chiropractic are Tension and Migraine headaches.

Tension and Migraine Headaches

A tension and migraine headache can be described as a pain around the head or behind the eyes, and other times as a pounding sensation in the entire head. Tension headaches are often caused by subluxations in the upper back and neck.

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation, can be very effective in treating tension headaches and a treatment option with longer lasting relief and fewer side effects than medications.

Every patient’s case is unique and requires a thorough examination before beginning any type of chiropractic treatment. All patients are set up on an individualized program that will best address their condition and recovery.