6 Tips for Choosing Healthy Food On The Run

6 Tips for Choosing Healthy Food On The Run

Healthy Food On The Run

One of the biggest reasons people forego healthy eating is lack of time. Even though it’s quick, fast food is never as healthy as a balanced diet. If grabbing something while you are out and about is your only option, we have some easy tips to improve the quality of your nutrition when on the run.

Here are 6 tips for choosing healthy food when you’re on the go!

Watch your Portions

Most fast food chains offer huge portions—don’t super size it! Always opt for the smallest size for your meal. Choosing the smallest option will be enough to curb your craving without going too overboard in terms of calories. Some kids meals may be the best option for portion control.

Do it Deli Style

Find a deli style location instead of going through the nearest drive-thru. You can order a sandwich or sub instead of trying to navigate through all of those fried food choices.

Stick with Salad

If you have the option of a side, order a side salad instead of fries as your go-to. By eating a salad, you may be less likely to fill up on any unhealthy items and will get some fiber and vitamins too!

Chicken isn’t Always Healthy

A lot of fast food chains offer chicken but they are fried, breaded or processed and served on bread that may be higher in fat and calories than a burger. Always opt for grilled chicken as your best option.

Hold the Mayo

Steer clear of mayo—a tablespoon of regular mayonnaise has almost 100 calories!

Get Groceries

You may not think of the grocery store for your healthy food on the go, but you can easily grab precut and washed fruit and veggies, yogurt, low-fat cheese, sliced meats, sushi, or salads. Lots of healthy food options for you that are quick and delicious!

Just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice healthy food choices. It’s time to take control of your health and choose healthy food for yourself and your family.  We care about your health, so you can focus on your life. Get started today by requesting an appointment with us today!