Headache Relief is Possible: 4 Tips for Relief

Headache Relief is Possible: 4 Tips for Relief

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Find Headache Relief With These 4 Tips

When your head is pounding, you just want it to stop. There are so many things to make your head ache. From traffic jams to work deadlines, tension to neck pain, you may be willing to do anything to find relief from that constant pain in your head. If you have suffered from headache pain, you know just how unbearable it can be. If you are experiencing a severe headache, it’s always a good idea to see your doctor for an evaluation to make sure there is nothing serious going on.

Help is here for finding headache relief! Fortunately, in conjunction with chiropractic care there are home-remedy treatments to help you alleviate your headache pain.

Follow these 4 tips for headache relief today:

Avoid Foods that Trigger Headaches

Headaches and migraines are often triggered by certain foods. You may want to keep a food diary to document what foods are causing your headaches. Some common headache-causing foods are chocolate, red wine, coffee, cheese and processed meats. Steer clear of those foods causing you headache pain, stick to a healthy diet and don’t skip meals.

Work it Out

Exercise helps to prevent and relieve your headaches. Regular exercise may reduce the frequency or severity of headaches by reducing tension in your muscles and joints. Always warm up and stretch prior to your exercise. Walking, jogging, biking, and yoga are all great exercise options for headache relief. Mountain Park can help you establish a customized workout and exercise program that is right for you. Call today for details.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important. Dehydration can be a big cause of a headache because the lack of water leads to reduced blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Try drinking a glass of water as soon as you feel a headache coming.

Massage & Essential Oils

Massage is helpful in addressing migraine headaches to help relieve pain and discomfort. Massaging your temples or the front of your forehead can help diminish your headache pain. The use of aromatherapy with essential oils can also be used as a preventative measure during a headache. Peppermint, rosemary, and lavender are some essential oils that may help to relieve your headaches and smell good too. Draw a footbath with peppermint and lavender oils—the hot water will draw your blood to your feet, easing the pressure on the blood vessels in your head. Need someone else to massage away the pain? Our experienced massage therapist is just the answer. Schedule an appointment today!

Still not finding relief? If you suffer from constant headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain, we have affordable and effective treatment options that will have you back to enjoying your life in no time. Take control of your health today by scheduling an appointment!